•  Our journey at Sesame & Soy has been an incredible exploration of   flavors, cultures, and culinary traditions. Through the lens of our talented   restaurant staff, we have witnessed the passion and dedication that goes   into creating each exquisite dish. From capturing the vibrant colors of   fresh vegetables to the sizzling stir-fries in the wok, these pictures tell the   story of it all.
  • These images encapsulate the essence of our journey, showcasing the   meticulous attention to detail and the quest for culinary excellence that   define Sesame & Soy.

Sesame & Soy Design Inspiration

Playing on both Eastern and Western themes, we sought to create an energetic ambiance that celebrates the Art Deco era and Asian traditions. We looked to the past and reimagined it by merging the two cultures in the design of the interior.

Flashes of neon lighting recognise the famous neon signage history of Hong Kong. Vintage, handcrafted, silk-embroidered wall hangings collected by the owner’s late father pay homage to Chinese culture and design.

Descending into the restaurant lobby, monochrome tiles contrast with massive Asian inspired paintings together with a large ‘lip’ sofa and ostrich feather lamp creating a vibrant, energetic ambiance.

Fluted glass popular in the Art Deco era is evidenced throughout, from the large glass doors to the hanging lamps. In the main dining room a series of intimate booth seats line the walls. Custom-made rose tinted, mirrored panels are symmetrical on both sides of the room so create an optical illusion of infinite space. Stone table tops with gold trim and cane style chairs complete the mix of East and West.

The open kitchen is where the magic happens and Sesame and Soy’s menu is influenced by the cuisines of Sichuan, Tokyo, Bali, and Bangkok. It celebrates the concept of shared dishes with a selection of the very best from the different regions.